Pilot Study on Family Support Simulations

We used a pre-post repeated measures design to assess self-reported changes in family care workers and parent’s skills and attitudes. In the study, family support workers (n=10) and parents (n=14) recruited by NJ Family Connections completed a pre-survey, then the simulation followed by a post-survey and a one-month follow-up survey.

Additionally, parents reported increases in parental adjustment, positive encouragement, family relationships, and parental consistency particularly in respect to dealing with a child’s misbehavior. Parents reported a decrease in corporal punishment (spanking), a higher consistency in punishment for misbehavior and less arguing with their child about behaviors and attitudes from pre-test to follow-up

The lead researcher on the study was Glenn Albright, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Baruch College/CUNY and Director of Research, Kognito.