NYU Pilot Study on Primary Care Office Visit: Antibiotics

The study examined the potential utility of two newly-developed virtual human role-play simulations designed to promote effective communication and collaborative decision-making between healthcare providers and patients in order to improve health outcomes, including over-prescribing of antibiotics. Primary care providers were affiliated with NYU Langone Medical Center, providing care across four healthcare facilities: Bellevue Hospital, Gouverneur Health, Veterans Affairs NY Harbor Healthcare System’s New York Campus, and the NYU Faculty Group Practice. Patients were from New York City Health+Hospital Bellevue Ambulatory Care Practice.

Providers also reported that the simulation was a much better learning tool than the standardized patient model, as they felt more comfortable and free to make decisions within the virtual space.

The PI of the study was Antoinette Schoenthaler, EdD, Assistant Professor of Population Health and Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Center for Healthful Behavior Change.